Different reasons why your snowman looks dirty.

 ⚠ What do I dream about?

Two questions about squirrels in a park. 

Butterfly might carry a bacteria.

There is a device which can transport your big, as well as your small dog to the other side. 

Device which can transport your big, as well as your small dog to the other side.

We have four dinosaurs at home and they all are different.

1138.2 Square Centimetres of Filled Surface

The mechanism that grabs is watched by the hippopotamus.

Great memories (sizewise) including discoveries.

It is easy to assume most activities are pretty awkward for a giraffe.

1839.6 Square Centimeters of Filled Surface

Great memories (sizewise) including giraffe.

The duck finds two balls in a box, which over time has been surrounded by grass.

Layer that protects from bunny’s dirtiness

A mechanism pokes a butterfly that is hanging on a wire.



Education: MA (Distinction) Fine Art (2014 -16) – Central Saint Martins College of Art and Design, UAL; Global Art joint curriculum (2015) - Tokyo University of the Arts and Central Saint Martins, UAL; BA (Hons) Painting (2012 -14) – Art Academy of Latvia; Environmental Art (2010 -12) – Art Academy of Latvia.

Solo & Duo: Different reasons why your snowman looks dirty, The Smallest Gallery in Riga (2020); Two questions about squirrels in a park, Speaker's Corner, Hyde-Park London (2019); Lead Lights, Staro Rīga (2019) with Aija Smirnova; Two Cakes, Five Years, London (2018) with James Tailor; There is, Shoreditch Library, London (2018); We have four dinosaurs at home and they all are different, Code Copenhagen (2018); For Household Use, Careva, Riga (2018); Great Memories (sizewise), Art Station Dubulti, Jurmala (2018); Dominance As Collaboration, Cenamaximale, London (2015) with Sivan Lavie; Constructed, Gallery of Olga Makeeva, Kemerovo (2013); Space for Mind Migration, Connecting Cities Network (2013); Spectators, Staro Rīga (2012) with Dita Lesina; Seven Deadly Sins, Proud2b Space, Riga (2011).

Group (2015-20): The First Edition, BadIdeasCollective.com, platform/Five Years, London (2020); ​The 2nd Riga International Biennial of Contemporary Art, ⚠ What do I dream about? (2020);​ Seep, PEER, London (2017);​ And the Horizon was Dying Over the Tourist, Republic Gallery, London (2017); Creekside 2017, Selected by Alison Wilding, A.P.T Gallery, London (2017);​ Dept of Subjective Archeology; Annihilation Event, Lethaby Gallery, London (2017); Impositions, Tate Exchange, Tate Modern Blavatnik Building (2017);​ The Ingram Collection Young Contemporary Talent Exhibition, Cello Factory, London (2016);​ UKYA National Biennale: Derby 2016, Museum and Art Gallery (2016);​ Industrialism, Contemporary Art Gallery Livani (2016) ;​ Inside/Outside, House on Patriarch Ponds, Moscow (2016);​ Do, Undo, Redo, The Crossing; Lethaby Gallery, London (2016);​ For Art's Sake, Unit 101, Camden Market, London (2016);​ This is Us, Museum of London (2015);​ Something happened on the way from Mars, Futuro House, London 2015;​ Temporary Arts Project, TAP Gallery, Southend (2015);​ Remember Nature (project with CSM, Gustav Metzger and Serpentine Gallery), The CSM Street, London (2015);​ We All Draw, Bargehouse, Oxo Tower Wharf, London (2015);​ Complex Topography: The Garden, Shōkō Shōreikan (Setouchi Triennale), Takamatsu (2015);​Human Nature, Archive Gallery, London (2015);​ Summer Exhibition 2015, Royal Academy of Arts; ​At Play, SU CHELSEA Space, London (2015);​ 30 of 30, Gallery of Artists’ Union of Lithuania (2015​); You’re The Reason Our Kids Are Ugly, The Laundry E8, London (2015).

Awards​​/Funding: Nominated for Purvītis Prize 2019 (Latvia); Nominated for Latvian Television and Latvian Radio Kilogram of Culture Award 2018;​ Nominated for Arts Foundation Fellowship 2018  (London); Nominated for Clifford Chance and UAL Sculpture Prize 2017; Finalist of The Ingram Collection Prize 2016 (London);​ Helen Scott Lidgett Studio Award 2016/2017 (selected by Cathy de Monchaux, Hannah Corbett, Arran Scott Lidgett & Graham ​Ellard), Acme Studios’ Residency & Awards Programme;​Nominated and shortlisted for Red Mansion Art Prize 2016, (China / United Kingdom);​ State Culture Capital Foundation Scholarship 2014-2015, (Latvia); Cecil Lewis Sculpture Scholarship 2014, UAL; Pauls Puzinas Grant in Arts 2014, supported by Pauls Puzinas family (Latvia / USA); Vihelms Purvitis Premium 2014, Art Academy of Latvia; Ludolfs Liberts Grant in Arts 2013, supported by Ludolfs Liberts Foundation, (Latvia / USA); Create Your Light 2012 (Latvia / Germany).

​​Residencies & Workshops​​: Workshop ‘This Is an Art School’, Tate Exchange, Tate Modern Blavatnik Building (2017);​ Residency at Warton House, Acme Studios’ Residency & Awards Programme, London (2016/2017);​ Residency ’Complex Topography: the Garden’(CSM-TUA Global Art Joint Project (Setouchi Triennale), Tokyo; Takamatsu (2015); ​Residency ‘Cruise of Tartu’, Tartu (2014​); Residency ‘Constructed’, Kemerovo (2013)​; Connecting Cities – Artist and Curator Workshop Marseille (2013)​; Workshop ‘New Media Workshop with Franz Fischnaller’, Riga (2012).

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