RED SQUARE NEEDS PINK PONIES, Soo 28-13, Tallinn (2022)   

Kristaps Ancāns
Kristaps Ancāns  (a horse not a pony) screenshots

Kristaps Ancāns
Kristaps Ancāns

"It's a real challenge. And something I heard a lot at the beginning of the project is that it's not possible," said Tamm. However, he sees the potential impacts of the project as outweighing any challenges. He estimates if it is successful each apartment block will save two thirds of the energy they currently use. This means shifting from 270 kilowatt-hours per square meter per year (kWh/m2y) for each building to 90 kWh/m2y. The project aims to reduce the energy consumption of each block by two thirds.

Estonia's Soviet-era housing finds new eco-friendly future

Soo 28-13, Tallinn

what can't we just create, Mark Rothko Art Centre, Daugavpils (2021-22)   

Kristaps Ancans
Kristaps Ancans
Kristaps Ancans
Kristaps Ancans

How do you help a butterfly with wet wings?, Publiek Park, Friends of S.M.A.K. museum, Ghent (2021)   

Gent SMAK Kristaps Ancāns

“That’s specific to all parks. The [gay] scene is always there. Otherwise it isn’t a park.” Els De Vos, The Citadelpark. A specific node in a network for (queer) desire," in D.Ferens, ed-,

Out Here: Local and International Perspectives in Queer Studies (Cambridge, UK: Cambridge

Scholars Press, 2008)

Wing Development

When butterflies first emerge from their chrysalis, their wings are wet and wrinkled. This occurs due to the tight space of the chrysalis when the caterpillar is metamorphosing. After hatching, the butterfly hangs upside down, flapping its wings to straighten and dry them. The pumping action helps blood flow through the wings, too. It takes about a day for the wings to fully harden, though the butterflies may be flying within an hour or two.

Causes of Wrinkling

Any number of things can lead to deformed wings or prevent the wings from opening up properly. A butterfly's wings are very soft when it first emerges from the chrysalis. If the butterfly falls to the ground, it runs the risk of damaging its wings, causing them to become malformed. If a butterfly chrysalis that's being stored for release at a wedding or butterfly house and hatches early, it may not have enough room to fully expand its wings in the storage container. Additionally, the butterfly may have a defect, such as poor blood circulation to the wings, preventing their opening.


When the butterfly first emerges you can help it by providing a safe area with plenty of room to move around. Some like to create butterfly houses with netting for the butterflies to cling to when they land. Should a butterfly fall to the ground and have trouble turning over, hover a piece of paper towel over its legs. The butterfly should cling to the paper towel and pull itself upright. Once the wing are completely dry, they are set and nothing can be done to straighten them. You can, however, provide the butterfly with a home and food for the rest of its life.


When you have a butterfly with crinkled wings, it's best to take it in and provide a home for it. A large clear container or cage with mesh screen will keep the butterfly out of trouble. Place plenty of leaves, flowers and twigs in the cage for the butterfly to cling to and crawl over. Feed the butterfly with a solution of 2 parts honey and 8 parts water. Soak a sponge in the solution and place it in the cage. The butterfly should find it and start drinking the fluid.

(Information from )

How much you would be willing to pay for a mystery of dark matter right now? Facade of the Latvian National Opera (2021)

Kristaps Ancans

The St Michael brand, which was originally registered in 1928, was discontinued by M&S at the end of 1999 after its profits had dropped by 50 per cent that year. The upsurge in demand for the vintage label comes after Marks & Spencer revealed it will axe 7,000 jobs amid the coronavirus pandemic. (Daily Mail)

Kristaps Ancans
Kristaps Ancans

Have we all learned how to be human at home?, domobaal, London (2021)

Kristaps Ancans
Kristaps Ancans
Kristaps Ancans
Kristaps Ancans
Kristaps Ancans Domobaal
Kristaps Ancans domobaal
Kristaos Ancans domobaal

What do I dream about ?

What does she dream about?

What does he dream about? The Second Riga International Biennial of Contemporary Art, 2020

Kristaps Ancans, art, Riboca2

Different reasons why your snowman looks dirty, The Smallest Gallery in Riga (2020)

Kristaps Ancans
Kristaps Ancans
Kristaps Ancans

Two questions about squirrels in the Speakers'Corner London (2020)

Kristaps Ancans
Kristaps Ancans

We have four dinosaurs at home and they all are different, Code Copenhagen (2018)

There is a device which can transport your big as well as small dog to the other side, Shoreditch Library , London (2018)

Kristaps Ancans

Device which can transport your big as well as small dog to the other side, Careva Gallery, Riga (2018)

Kristaps Ancans
Kristaps Ancans

Great memories (sizewise) PEER, London, Art Station Dubulti, Jurmala (2016-2018)  

Kristaps Ancans
Kristaps Ancans
Kristaps Ancans
Kristaps Ancans
Kristaps Ancans

The mechanism that grabs is watched by the hippopotamus. 

It is easy to assume most activities are pretty awkward for a giraffe.

The duck finds two balls in a box, which over time has been surrounded by grass

Great memories (sizewise) including discoveries. 

Great memories (sizewise) including sets. 

Great memories (sizewise) including giraffe.

Traditional Butterfly Trap / Layout, UK Young Artists Biennale Derby  (2016)  



Kristaps Ancāns (b. Līvāni, Latvia) is an artist, writer and educator whose practice spans installation,

sculpture, language and moving images. Ancāns explores the confusion in the relationship between

humans, nature and machines through an evolving conceptual game with its own artificial intelligence. His

installations—often containing a kinetic component—welcome questioning, inviting uncertainty in their

relationship with the viewer. They set a dynamic play between formal values, laws of physics, sensual

references from nature into motion—on the brink of undermining each other while held in disconcerting

harmony. In the context of increasingly technological societies in the Baltics, What Do I Dream About?

(2020), a kinetic installation rooted in performativity, consists of three genderqueer machines playing with

the toy versions of themselves, which disrupt fantasies of industrial masculine power by imagining their

emancipation in relation to their intended existence. Language and its materiality is an equally integral

part of Ancāns’ practice, representing both a cerebral and retinal element in situ. How do you help a

butterfly with wet wings? (2021), a site-specific work for Citadelpark (Ghent), consists of an opaque

banner with the aforementioned words in capital letters draped above the gatehouse, which irreverently

summons the hidden memory of the park as a gay cruising area while commenting on the fragility and

resilience of LGBTQIA culture. Have we all learned how to be human at home? (2021), a sculptural

installation in laser-cut steel arched over the threshold of Domobaal Gallery (London), provokes viewers

to reconsider the home as a liminal space during the pandemic crisis fueling uncertainty and speculation;

the work immediately became the object of lively debates online and off.

Ancāns has exhibited, lectured and taught at venues internationally, including Publiek Park/S.M.A.K

Museum, The Latvian National Opera and Ballet, Riga International Biennale of Contemporary Art, Art

Station Dubulti, Careva Contemporary, Code Art Fair, Tate Exchange/Tate Modern, Museum of London,

Royal Academy of Arts London, Hyde Park-London, Central Saint Martins/UAL, PEER, Five Years,

Shoreditch Library, Derby Museum, and Art Gallery, Vienna Contemporary, Estonian Academy of Arts,

Tallinn Art Hall, Setouchi Triennale and Tokyo University of the Arts.

Ancāns has taken part in several residencies, including the Acme Studios Residency and Awards

Programme (UK), Complex Topography: the Garden (JP), Constructed (RU), Cruise of Tartu (ET). He is a

laureate of the ‘Helen Scott Lidgett Studio Award 2016/2017’(UK) and the ‘Pauls Puzinas Grant’ (LV/USA)

and was nominated for the Purvītis Prize (LV) as well as for the Arts Foundation Fellowship (UK).

Ancāns is the Head of the Master of Contemporary Art Program at the Estonian Academy of Arts and

Co head of POST, an interdisciplinary MA Program at the Art Academy of Latvia. He lives and works

between London, Riga and Tallinn.





2014-16    Central Saint Martins College, MA Distinction Fine Art, University of the Arts London 

2015         Tokyo University of the Arts and Central Saint Martins Global Art, Joint Curriculum 

2012-14    Art Academy of Latvia, BA Hons (1st) Painting
2010-12    Art Academy of Latvia, Environmental Art


2022          Red square needs pink ponies, Soo 28-13, Tallinn 

2021-22     What can’t we just create (Nastya), Mark Rothko Art Center, Daugavpils

2021          Why shouldn't we be afraid of the dark?, Staro Riga (with Aija Smirnova)

                  How much you would be willing to pay for a mystery of dark matter right now?, The Latvian National Opera and Ballet, Riga
                  Have we all learned how to be human at home?, domobaal, London

                  Not far from here you can find sculptures, performances, installations and paintings,Rožupe Culture House, Latvia

2020          Different reasons why your snowman looks dirty, The Smallest Gallery in Riga

2019          Two questions about squirrels in the Speakers'Corner London, Hyde Park-London

                  Lead Lights, Staro Rīga,  (with Aija Smirnova)
2018          Two Cakes, Five Years, London (with James Tailor)

                  There is, Shoreditch Library, London
                  We have four dinosaurs at home and they all are different, Code Copenhagen

                  For Household Use, Careva Contemporary, Riga
                  Great Memories (sizewise), Art Station Dubulti, Jurmala, Latvia

2015          Re Deuce, Cenamaximale, London (with Sivan Lavie)

2013          Constructed, Gallery of Olga Makeeva, Kemerovo, Russia
                  Space for Mind Migration (Connecting Cities Network), Riga / Marseille

2012          Spectators’,Light Festival ‘Staro Rīga’, Riga

2011          Seven Deadly Sins’, Proud2b Space, Riga


2023          Immerse, Tallinn Art Hall in partnership with Centre Pompidou, ZKM and Tirana Art Lab (upcoming)

2022          Bad Ideas Collective, Tallinn Art Hall, City Gallery (upcoming)

                  Flora Fantastic: Eco-Critical Contemporary Botanical Art, apex art, New York, USA (upcoming)

                  Spring-22, Zuzeum Art Centre, Riga

2021          Bad Ideas Collective - Volumes 1 & 2 : An Afternoon of Parallel Reality, Lethaby Gallery, London

                  Publiek Park, Friends of S.M.A.K. museum, Ghent
2020          The First Edition,, platform/Five Years, London

                  The Second Riga International Biennial of Contemporary Art 

2017          Seep, PEER, London

                  And the Horizon was Dying Over the Tourist, Republic Gallery, London

                  Creekside Open 2017 (selected by Alison Wilding), A.P.T Gallery, London

                  Dept of Subjective Archeology; Annihilation Event, Lethaby Gallery, London

                  Less Tight Limes, Mafa Chelsea, London

                  Performance ‘Impositions’, Tate Modern /Tate Exchange, Blavatnik Building

2016          The Ingram Collection Young Contemporary Talent Exhibition, Cello Factory

                  UKYA National Biennale: Derby 2016, Museum and Art Gallery

                  Industrialism, Contemporary Art Gallery Livani, Livani, Latvia

                  Inside/Outside, House on Patriarch Ponds, Moscow
                  Do, Undo, Redo, The Crossing; Lethaby Gallery, London

2015          This is Us, Museum of London
                  Something happened on the way from Mars, Futuro House, London

                  Temporary Arts Project, TAP Gallery, Southend
                  Remember Nature (with Gustav Metzger and Serpentine Gallery), The CSM Street

                  We All Draw, Bargehouse, Oxo Tower Wharf, London
                  Complex Topography: The Garden, Shōkō Shōreikan, Takamatsu, Japan
                  Human Nature, Archive Gallery, London
                  Summer Exhibition 2015, Royal Academy of Arts, London
                  At Play, SU CHELSEA Space, London
                  30 of 30, Gallery of Artists’ Union of Lithuania, Vilnius
                  30 of 30, ‘Kuldīga Artists’ Residence’, Kuldiga, Latvia
                  You’re The Reason Our Kids Are Ugly, The Laundry E8, London

2014          Cruise of Tartu, NOOR Gallery, Tartu, Estonia
                  Cultural Heritage of Visual Arts, Hall of Art Academy of Latvia

2013          Chemin de fer, Hall of Warsaw Academy of Fine Arts,

                  Warsaw Riga-Warsaw-Valmiera, Ice-House, Valmiera, Latvia

                  Place and Conveyance, Kanepe Culture Center, Riga

2012          ARS ex MACHINA, Dailes Theater, Riga


2022           Online Conversation Great Expectations: "Virtuality and Next Generation of Artists from the Baltics" as part of "Beyond Matter" at Tallinn Art Hall 

                   Online Conversation with Shu Lea Cheng as part of "Beyond Matter" at Tallinn Art Hall 

                   Online Conversation with Boris Groys as part of "Matter, Non-Matter, Anti-Matter. Past Exhibitions as Digital Experiences" at Tallinn Art Hall 

2021           Panel Discussion "Matter, Non-Matter, Anti-Matter. Past Exhibitions as Digital Experiences", Tallinn

                   Discussion panel for RIBOCA2 film 'and suddenly it all blossoms' preview in Arts Club, London

2020           The Ingram Prize Alumni Online Conversation Series with Jo Baring 

2017           Workshop This Is an Art School’, Tate Modern/Tate Exchange, Blavatnik Building
2016           Residency at Warton House, Acme Residency & Awards Programme, London

2015           Residency ’Complex Topography: the Garden’, Tokyo; Takamatsu, Japan

2014           Residency ‘Cruise of Tartu’ , Tartu, Estonia
2013           Residency ‘Constructed’, Kemerovo, Russia

                   ‘Connecting Cities – Artist and Curator Workshop Marseille’ , Marseille

2012           Workshop ‘New Media Workshop with Franz Fischnaller


2022          VKKF Creative Work Development Bursary, Latvia

2021          Nominated for Estonian Academy of Arts Creative Awards, Estonia

2020          Līvāni District Annual Award in Culture, Latvia 

2019          Nominated for Purvītis Prize 2019, Latvia
2018          Nominated for Arts Foundation Fellowship , UK

                  Nominated for Latvian Television and Radio Kilogram of Culture Award

2017          VKKF Creative Work Development Bursary, Latvia

2016          Helen Scott Lidgett Studio Award 2016/2017 Acme Studios’ Residency & Awards, UK

                  Nominated for Clifford Chance Sculpture Prize 2017, UK

                  Finalist of The Ingram Collection Prize, United Kingdom

                  Nominated and shortlisted for Red Mansion Art Prize, China / UK

2014          Cecil Lewis Sculpture Scholarship, University of the Arts London

                  Pauls Puzinas Grant in Arts, Latvia / USA
                  VKKF Scholarship, Latvia
                  Vilhelms Purvitis Premium, Art Academy of Latvia

2013          European Union Programme ‘Culture’ funding for work Space for Minds Migration

                  Ludolfs Liberts Grant in Arts, Latvia / USA

2012          Monthly State Scholarship at Art Academy of Latvia (2010-2014)

                  Laureate of the competition ‘Create Your Light, Latvia / Germany


2021-         Co-founder and Co-head of MA POST, Fine Art Faculty at Art Academy of Latvia

                  Docent at Art Academy of Latvia

                  Curatorial Advisor for The Estonian Pavilion at 59th Venice

                  Chairman of the Academic Arbitration Court, Art Academy of Latvia 
    Docent, Fine Art Faculty at Art Academy of Latvia

2021-22     Head of MA Contemporary Art, Fine Art Faculty at Estonian Art Academy

                  Advisor of Chief Architect of the Riga at City Monuments Council

2020-21     Co-head of MA Contemporary Art, Fine Art Faculty at Estonian Art Academy

                  Initiator and developer of ACADEMIA Awards, Art Academy of Latvia in partnerships with Central Saint Martins, Helen Scott Lidgett Studio Award and ACME Studios

2019-20     Leading role in developing and managing joint public art programme 'Public Encounters' between Central Saint Martins (UAL), and Art Academy of Latvia

2018-19     Lecturer, Fine Art Faculty at Art Academy of Latvia

                  Visiting Lecturer, Fine Art Faculty at Art Academy of Latvia

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